3.5 mm /4.5 mm Cannulated Screw Titanium

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Details screws are used during the surgical treatment of different types of fractures. They are required for securing other implants to hold fractured bone fragments in place. These screws have a hollow central shaft that allows them to be placed over a guide wire or a guide pin. This allows multiple placements of a single screw without damaging the tissue and surrounding structures much. Besides this, cannulated screws can be placed precisely using fluoroscopy.

Siora Surgicals Pvt. Ltd. is a world leader in the orthopedic implants manufacturing industry. The company manages a huge inventory of CE-certified trauma implants and instruments including 3.5 mm /4.5 mm Cannulated Screw Titanium. They are also supplied to distributors and orthopedic surgeons in different parts of the world.

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