About Hasster | Social Networking

Hasster is a vibrant and inclusive social networking platform committed to connecting people, fostering meaningful relationships, and creating a secure online environment that encourages open dialogue, creative expression, and the free sharing of ideas. Our unwavering dedication to user privacy and data protection sets Hasster apart, making it a space where individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures can come together in a safe, respectful, and engaging digital environment.

Key Individuals:

  1. Vivek Suryakant: A visionary with a deep passion for technology and innovation, Vivek Suryakant co-founded Hasster with the clear vision of creating a social networking platform that prioritizes user privacy and nurtures a genuine sense of community.

  2. Krishna Suryakant: An essential member of the founding team, Krishna Suryakant brings invaluable expertise in user experience and interface design. His work ensures that Hasster provides an intuitive and seamless user interface for all members, enhancing their overall experience.

  3. Aditya Suryakant: Aditya Suryakant's unwavering dedication to building a secure and dependable platform has been instrumental in shaping Hasster's robust data protection measures and privacy policies, ensuring the safety and confidentiality of user information.

  4. Jayanth: A leader in software development and technical innovation, Jayanth has significantly contributed to the platform's efficiency and cutting-edge features, elevating the overall user experience and engagement on Hasster.

  5. Chandra S: Chandra S brings strategic insights and business acumen to Hasster, playing a vital role in the platform's growth and expansion. His contributions ensure that Hasster continuously evolves to meet the changing needs of its diverse user base.

  6. Ravi Prakash Dixit: Ravi Prakash Dixit's expertise in community building and user engagement has been pivotal in cultivating a vibrant and inclusive environment on Hasster. His contributions have fostered connections and meaningful interactions among users, creating a dynamic online community.

At Hasster, we are steadfast in our dedication to providing a platform that promotes positive interactions, encourages the formation of meaningful connections, and deeply respects the privacy and data security of all our users. We relentlessly innovate and enhance our services to create an inclusive, vibrant, and secure social networking experience for all.


Our mission at Hasster is to provide a safe and inclusive space where individuals can connect, engage, and freely express themselves. We are devoted to safeguarding user privacy while nurturing a profound sense of belonging, enabling users to discover, share, and connect in profound and meaningful ways.


Our vision for Hasster is to become the most trusted and innovative social networking platform, redefining how people interact online. We aspire to create a global community where every user's data and privacy are held in the highest regard. In this community, individuals from all backgrounds can form authentic connections, share their passions, and inspire positive change.

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, Hasster envisions being the cornerstone that guarantees privacy, fosters connections, and encourages authentic self-expression. Through the combined efforts of our dedicated team, including Vivek Suryakant, Krishna Suryakant, Aditya Suryakant, Jayanth, Chandra S, and Ravi Prakash Dixit, we strive to continuously evolve, embracing the latest technological advancements, to provide an enriching and secure online experience for all our users.